When I was getting my head around this anxiety thing, I spent ages searching the web for information and although I found plenty of it, there was nothing that helped me. It was either too medical, too psychoanalytical, too preachy or too shrouded in angst and often, rather dull.

None of the above were what I needed.

I wanted something lighthearted that would make me feel less anxious and that I wasn’t the only one dealing with the often unpredictable effects of having issues around anxiety. To be honest, I didn’t find what I was looking for. Because what I was looking for didn’t seem to exist.


But now it does.

Welcome to, ‘To Anxiety and Beyond’ – where there will never be any preaching, psychoanalysing or medicalising and hopefully it will never be dull!

So come on in…

Leave your troubles at the mouse…

Know you’re not alone.


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