Hello everyone, I’m Janie, a 40-something English interloper living in Scotland with my husband, two children and a few random pets. I decided to write this blog after spending a crazy, unpredictable year dealing with anxiety – something I had flirted with but never been consumed by – until one day, everything changed.

Anxiety came into my life without warning. It swooped like a predator, took me in its clutches and tried to steal me away. My mood changed, my personality changed and the way I viewed life changed. I retreated inwards, grieving for the old me, yearning to be her again while nurturing a silent fear I would feel like this forever. I quickly realized I must deal with my issues before they beat me, so filled with determination and longing for equilibrium, I pledged to find a way back to me.

And I did.


My journey was interesting, soul-destroying, terrifying and strengthening. Like a bull in a china shop, I threw myself into a plethora of potential solutions with no rhyme or reason to my approach. My mission to find a way out dominated my life and despite searching everywhere for answers, everything got much worse before it got better. Exhausted and despondent I was almost ready give up when everything began to click into place. I found my answers where I least expected and realized sometimes what you are looking for is much closer than you think.

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